What We Do

Big on Kindness is a kindness exchange community initiative based in Montgomery County, Maryland, aimed at helping families with small children who are struggling with basic needs in the Washington D.C. and Maryland area.

We all know how hard the pandemic times have been, but for some families who were already struggling before, they have it particularly hard now. 

We connect those who need help with those who are able and willing to give it.

How It Works

Once a person applies with a need, they are assessed and prioritised by the Big on Kindness team.

A person who has registered to give kindness is identified and matched with a family in need.

Givers will select from a variety of eCommerce partners to satisfy the needs.

Families will receive the kindness required directly from the selected retailer.

The Kindness shown between Nov’ 2020 and Nov’ 2022


Families matched with Kindness


Children were fed


The value of Kindness given